SMC Therapy Dog Visit

Last night Sara did a therapy dog visit at Saint Michael’s College. This was a “stress relief” visit for the college kids while they study for finals. Sara was in Heaven! She loved the attention she got. In fact, I could have left and she would have never noticed! After an hour and half or so, she started yawning and curling up with people, so I knew she was getting tired… it was hard work greeting all those people! On the way home, she fell sound asleep and even snored. I would say it was a very successful vist.


Christmas Card

Well, my idea for the Christma card did not work out. I wanted to get a picture of both dogs, with a toy in between them and the caption:  Hope your Christmas dreams come true. I just couldn’t get a good enough picture. Their eyes kept glowing and I just couldn’t get them set up well enough.

So what is going to be on the Chrismas card? One of Sara’s great pictures with Santa!

Picture with Santa

Today was a Christmas shopping and errand day, but it started out at The Biscuit so Sara could get her picture taken with Santa. This is not the plan for the Christmas card, this is just a cute picture with Sara.  Sara had her “life is so hard” face on, but we did end up with a quite a few really cute pictures. Here are a couple of them:

Santa and Sara, December 2008

Santa and Sara, December 2008

Santa and Sara, December 2008

Santa and Sara, December 2008

Tomorrow I am going to try to get our picture for our Christmas cards. My mom gave me a great idea… I hope we can get the picture! Stay tuned… I’ll let you know how it comes out.

This was last year’s picture:

Hope you have a ball this Christmas!

Hope you have a ball this Christmas!

With the holidays coming up, Tessa decided she needed to make a list of her favorite things. These are all lab tested and lab approved.

  1. Tuffy’s Dog Toys – These really hold up! We now have 3 of them and Tessa has not destroyed any of them. Some of them we’ve had well over a year! They wash in the washing machine very easily. We buy ours at Show Me the Biscuit. Thanks Amy for recommending them!
  2. Computer Time – I know you would think this wouldn’t be a favorite thing of Tessa’s but she loves curling up under the computer desk while I work away at the computer. It’s probably because when we were in our manners classes, Cassy had me work on stays while I was working on the computer. Click and treat!
  3. Bonker Balls – I don’t know what Tessa like more… fetching these or running around while they bang her on the head! One of her all time favorites!
  4. Tennis balls – Yep, just a good old fashioned tennis ball, the ones you buy at the sporting goods store. The fancy ones you buy in the pet store just don’t hold up.
  5. Movie afternoons – Tessa loves curling up on the couch when have a movie afternoon.
  6. Lake Champlain – There is nothing better than swimming in the lake! The ear infections afterward are NOT on the favorite thing list, but the swimming before hand definitely is.
  7. Poopsicles – she loves them, I pretend I don’t see her eating them.
  8. Agility – Tessa has so much fun playing this game!
  9. Sara – Even though Sara doesn’t play with Tessa, she still loves her.
  10. Snow – Tessa loves playing in the snow! I wish I shared her enthusiasm.

A game of fetch anyone?

Tonight I had to continue cutting out my pattern block shapes for our geometry unit which starts next week. My baked potatoes were in the oven, my soup was warming on the stove… so I thought it was a great time to sit down and get a few more sheets of trapezoids cut out.

Poor Tessa… all she wanted was a game of fetch. As I sat in my favorite recliner, she patiently brought over every toy that we had downstairs. She would bring the toy, put it on my lap, and then go into

her default down position… waiting for my to throw the toy. Many times I can work and throw a toy at the same time… put I just can’t do it when I’m cutting pages and pages of shapes.

After I had a pile of toys on my lap, she came and started to take the toys away and then tried again. But, this time she dropped the toys right into my box of trapezoids! I had to take the box off my lap and run to get my camera! After taking the picture, I had to agree with Tessa that I had cut enough trapezoids… it ws time to play!

Reading at the library


Yesterday, Sara had a fun visit at the Brownell Library. We had 2 new visitors and 1 of our old favorites. The hour went by so fast! Sara loved cuddling next to the young readers and getting tons of attention. Clyde did an amazing job showing his “ride the skateboard” trick.

By the time I got home from the library and errands, I was cold and hungry… poor Tessa… she got very little attention! However, later in the evening she did enjoy curling up with me while I read my book, Schooled,  by Gordon Korman.